Augustiner Brewery in Salzburg, Austria + Immersive Art!

Augustiner Brewery is a one of a kind place that is a must visit when you’re in Salzburg. It’s the largest brewery in Austria and is over 400 years old! Heck, even if you’re just near Salzburg, this brewery is worth a detour. Incidentally, there is another (even older!) Augustiner…

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Things I Wish I Knew Before I Went to Switzerland

These Switzerland tips aren’t flowery, poetic, or otherwise incredibly entertaining. But hopefully if you’re preparing for a trip to Switzerland, you’ll find it informative! These were questions I had when I was planning our visit to the Swiss Riviera and the Berner Oberland region that I found hard to find…

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First Cliff Walk in Grindelwald, Switzerland

First Cliff Walk

Although it was truly our “first” cliff walk, it’s actually pronounced Feerst and is the name of a mountain near Grindelwald in the Berner-Oberland region of Switzerland. The First Cliff Walk is a 300 meter long, extremely high elevated walkway that sometimes hugs the cliffs of the mountain and sometimes…

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