Ob la di Ob la da, Life (Doesn’t) Go On

Black Austin Matters artwork on the street in Austin Texas

This happened to me when I was an English teacher in a small town in Japan. Iizuka, Japan ~ 2008 We had a three day weekend with Monday off and on that Monday I decided to take advantage of the nice weather and go for a bike ride. I was…

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My Japanese House; Part II (but really part I)

Chikuzen machi view of rice fields

A few weeks ago I showed you my apartment in Iizuka, where I worked as an English ALT with the JET Programme. But before I moved to Iizuka, I actually lived in another even smaller town in Japan called Chikuzen-machi and worked as an English teacher with a different company,…

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What Does Teacher Housing in Japan Look Like? Here’s Mine.

Jutaku building in Iizuka-shi, Fukuoka

In case you were wondering what housing in Japan looks like, here’s a glimpse into where I lived in Iizuka, a city in the Fukuoka prefecture, on Kyushu, the southern island. It’s called a jutaku, and it’s an apartment block that is dedicated to housing teachers and usually has a…

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