For the Best of Times, Seattle Times

Over Halloween weekend Brian and I went up to Seattle for a few days.  We stayed in an awesome Airbnb right in the Capitol Hill neighborhood.  It was around the corner from tons of coffee, food and bars, and an easy downhill walk to the water, Pike Place Market and downtown restaurants and shopping.

We got lucky with some amazing weather that was all full of sunshine and warmth.  The temperature was a high of 65 degrees on both days we were there.  Coincidentally, it was the same temperature in Austin because a “cold front” came in.  Folks in Seattle were celebrating with picnics and paddle boarding on Lake Union while our friends in Austin pulled out their beanies and coats.

Lake Union Seattle

Picnicking at Lake Union

Austin cold front and central library grand opening

Meanwhile…our Austin friends bundled up for some outdoor selfies after the “cold front” blew in

The sun was out in abundance lighting up the fabulous northwestern fall colors.


fall colors at Discovery Park, Seattle

Discovery Park colors

When we weren’t enjoying nature, we were refueling with coffee…


Coffee at KEXP radio station, Seattle

Caffeine and a view at La Marzocco Cafe inside the KEXP Seattle Radio Station

Kaladi Brothers Coffee, Seattle WA

Kaladi Brothers Coffee, right down the street from our Airbnb in Capitol Hill



Ghost Note coffee to fuel the walk to downtown

Coffee at Top Pot Doughnuts, Seattle

Third coffee of the day. This time at Top Pot and with an Oreo doughnut, because vacation.



Perusing the edibles section at the pot store

Perusing the edibles section at the pot store

Just kidding!! More coffee!!!


So much caffeine inside the Starbucks Roastery

Can you get high from snorting coffee beans??

Our friends Mark and Rachel were amazing tour guides and helped us pack a whole lot into a little slice of time.  In two days, we saw:


Giant Popsicle Art in Belltown


Popsicle Art in Belltown, Seattle

World’s biggest twin pop (I’m assuming)

Popsicle art Belltown Seattle

My tongue may or may not have accidentally touched the popsicle

The Weed Store


Have a Heart pot shop in Seattle

One of the many legal weed shops to be found in Seattle

giant joint at Have a Heart weed store in Seattle

A fun display at the pot shop. It was glowing and changing colors. Wait, everyone else could see that too, right?

Pike Place Market


Pike Place Market Fish Seattle WA

If you watch long enough, you’ll get to see the fishmongers throwing their fish

Pike Place Market veggies

Lots of fall colors to be found inside the market too!

The Space Needle


Space Needle Seattle WA

Space Needle: because how else would martians do their space drugs? (Bad joke courtesy of Mark)


On-Air Broadcasting and Coffee at La Marzocco Cafe

Inside the KEXP Seattle Radio Station


Coffee and Radio at KEXP in Seattle

Workin’, drinkin’, watchin’ the DJ in his booth at KEXP

Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room


Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room Seattle WA

Just two dapper dudes hangin’ out in front of the Starbucks Roastery

Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room Seattle WA

In case any of you were wondering what Yukon Cornelius does during the off-season

Yukon Cornelius from Rudolph Claymation Movie

I’d rather be roasting coffee!

Beautiful Rainbows on Capitol Hill


Gay pride crossing in Capitol Hill Seattle WA

The crosswalks in Capitol Hill are fabulous!

Dogs in Jammies


Dog in Jammies at Cal Anderson Park Seattle WA

Absolutely fetching in strawberry pajamas at Cal Anderson Park

The Jimi Hendrix Statue at Broadway & Pine


Jimi Hendrix Statue Seattle WA

Born in Seattle; never without his beloved guitar and his trusty bus transfers

Gas Works Park and Lake Union


Gas Works Park Seattle WA

Gas Works Park in the background. True love in the foreground.

Gas Works Park Seattle WA

One of the three days a year when the folks living on Lake Union relish their purchase as money well spent

A Pirate


Pirate on Lake Union Seattle WA


The Troll Who Lives Under the Aurora Bridge in Fremont

(At Troll Avenue, of course)


Fremont Troll

Who goes there?

Discovery Park and Mount Rainier (through the haze)


Discovery Park & Mount Rainier Seattle WA

View of Mount Rainier from Discovery Park

Discovery Park Fall Leaves Seattle WA

So much fall at Discovery Park

…And tons of good food, boozy drinks and fun times!


Drinks at Momiji Sushi in Capitol Hill Seattle WA

Cheers-ing at Momiji Sushi, featuring Rachel and Brian and some of the best cocktails ever


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